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Adapter converts 3.5mm plug down to a 2.5mm plug.


Adapter converts 2.5mm plug up to a 3.5mm plug.

DP-3.5 ADP

Adapter that converts a 3.5mm jack to a 2 prong Dictaphone plug.

PA-3.5Y Mono

Connects two mono 3.5mm plugs into one mono 3.5mm jack.

PA-3.5Y Stereo

Connects two stereo 3.5mm plugs into one stereo 3.5mm jack.

PA-3.5YLR Stereo

Connects two 3.5 mm jacks (one Left channel and
one Right channel) into one 3.5mm stereo (shown on the right) plug.


Headset / Microphone Splitter Adapter. Converts a single 3.5mm, 4-position audio jack into two separate Headset and Microphone jacks. Use to convert Headsets and Microphones with 3 position plugs to newer Laptops,Tablets and Smart Phones.

PA-3.5YLR Stereo

PA 3.5YHM-4